Warnock- Lets drive Tevez out

Last updated : 30 September 2011 By Team Talk

Warnock also called for FIFA to allow clubs to slap long bans on players who show the kind of disobedience towards their managers Tevez is alleged to have displayed this week.

Manchester City striker Tevez has been suspended for a fortnight after, according to Roberto Mancini, he refused to come of the bench in his club's Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.

Warnock has no love for Tevez, who was at the centre of the third-party ownership saga four years ago that saw West Ham keep their Premier League status at the expense of his own Sheffield United.

Warnock said: "The sooner he leaves the country, the better.

"I can't see it being sorted by him staying.

"Within a few months, he'll be kissing another badge."

Warnock unsurprisingly scoffed when asked if he would be interested in taking Tevez on loan.

Revealing he had encountered a similar instance of disobedience at one of his former clubs, he added: "The top authorities like FIFA have got to come up with something.

"Because, quite honestly, two weeks' ban is a disgrace for an offence like that.

"You should be banned until January because a manager has no option but to say that you won't play for the club again.

"You can't do that because the PFA would cry foul on that and get all the solicitors involved.

"So FIFA have to come up with an answer."

Warnock feared Tevez would ultimately escape serious punishment, saying: "When somebody's paid such a large amount, to even think about what he did, it's so disrespectful, irrespective of the problems you have with managers.

"Because every manager has problems with players. It's like having 35 kids to look after and have a party outside. You're going to have problems.

"But some players think that they're the bees knees and everything should develop around them.

"Unfortunately, I think players hold all the aces.

"When you're paying a player up to a quarter of a million pounds per week, it's difficult to say, 'We'll pay him for a couple of years and make him stew in the reserves'.

"It sounds good for the press.

"But, in reality, you're not going to chuck all those millions of pounds away when you're running a business.

"He'll come out with a two-week fine, two-week ban, and that's all, irrespective of the campaign to do this, to do that."

Source: Team Talk

Source: Team Talk