Tevez not worried by Manchester derby

Once a favourite at Manchester United, he is now an inspirational figure in manager Roberto Mancini's ambitious side and scored a first-half hat-trick against West Brom on Saturday to take his tally for the season to 20 goals.

He told ZOO magazine: "I don't care about people booing me at Old Trafford. It doesn't worry me and I'm not worried about going there. The booing happened a lot last year, but I understand. As a supporter, you defend your club and I am on the opposing team now."

He added: "Manchester United fans can never say I didn't give my all during the time I was there. Maybe many supporters still don't understand the reason I left.

"I am a professional footballer and being booed when I am on the field is a price I have to pay sometimes. But it won't affect me at all.

"Derby games are always beautiful. I enjoyed them in Argentina and Brazil but, in England, they are extra-special.

"Playing against Manchester United is a big incentive but it's not just because of personal issues for me. It's about the importance of three points. We want to go to Old Trafford and win."

Even though Tevez would be thrilled with a victory, he wants City to overcome the league's lesser lights as well in their pursuit of a Champions League place.

He said: "We already have our best side in many years. But it's not just about playing United and winning. It's important to win our games at home.

"We cannot afford to lose games in which, theoretically, we are the favourites. Those are the matches when a title gets lost, not in the one-off big games against our rivals."

Source: PA

Source: PA