Tevev Expected A Tough Time From Fans

Last updated : 03 March 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

Carlos Tevez: "I knew it wasn't going to be easy to come back.

"I'd left City and you could almost say I'd left through the back door.

"But it is almost like there are two Tevezes. There's the Tevez before, who had a problem, and there's the Tevez now, who no longer has problems.

"Having your family totally changes everything, your disposition, your humour, just having them close.

"If I wasn't selected in the past I'd be in a terrible mood. Now I'm still gutted but I go home, see my daughters, it takes my mind off it and I feel better.

"I knew it would be difficult for the fans to accept me again.

"But I hope, little by little, match by match...you give everything for the shirt and win them over through hambre de gloria (hunger for glory).

"I was once a real idol for these fans, they were so supportive of me. I hope I'm able to win them back.

"Maybe, before, I was under a lot more pressure. I was a leader of the team.

"People would often say, 'If Carlos has a bad day, City have a bad day'. Maybe you just reach a point where there's worse things in life than disappointment in football.

"If I come off the bench and score but I'm not in the next starting line-up I'm a lot more accepting."