Sven considers transfer targets

Last updated : 02 November 2007 By Ben Collins
The City boss spent around £40m to bring in 8 players in the summer and many agents believe the former England coach will be given another transfer kitty to splash out in the January transfer window.

Sven's summer recruits have settled in surprisingly quickly so he does not see the need for another recruitment drive in January.

More and more players are wanting to join the Sven revolution, but given how well the Blues have played so far this season, Sven insists the few players he does bring in must be top quality if they are going to add anything to the team.

"Since September it's been very quiet, now the agents are waking up again, there are more and more calls every day," he said.

"They probably think we have a lot of money, maybe we have, I don't know how much we'll have in January.

"It's good because they've started to offer really good football players," Sven added.

"If we are going to do something in January, we are not going to buy 8 or 9 new players, maybe 1 or 2. If we are going to buy anyone they must be really, really top quality.

"We have a good football team, we play good football and to make that better, you must take in top quality."