Roy backs Mancini over Tevez

Last updated : 29 September 2011 By Team Talk

West Brom boss Hodgson has joined the widespread condemnation of Tevez who is alleged to have refused to play as a substitute against Bayern Munich in Tuesday's Champions League clash.

But Hodgson is confident Mancini's footballing background will ensure he copes effectively with Tevez who has been fined and suspended by City.

Hodgson said: "I'm sure at all levels of football at all times, these sort of situations have come up and if anyone if capable of dealing with it, it will be Roberto.

"He's worked in Italy and he knows the Italian mentality and this type of problem, if we call it that, has reared its head many a time in Italy.

"I'm sure he knows how to deal with it."

Hodgson added: "City must be very disappointed about the situation although they are still looking into it.

"It is not the best time to say too much but you bring players into your squad to play for you.

"The manager has to make decisions about who does and doesn't play, and the club is entitled to expect anyone not chosen by the manager, if called upon, is ready to play when and if asked.

"The situation is black and white. There is not much shade of grey but it is a Man City problem.

"I'm disappointed for the club, I was disappointed to see the faces of the coaches because that told you a lot during the course of the game.

"But it is a Man City problem and I shouldn't be spouting off about what should be done and what modern day players do and don't do.

"I'm just happy to be working with modern day players personally and happy those problems haven't reared their head for me here."

Source: Team Talk

Source: Team Talk