Richards keen to push forward

At 22 years of age Richards is growing in confidence after getting a regular run of games this season and is not content to sit still.

He would be delighted if manager Roberto Mancini handed him a roving role down the flanks, saying: "I like to get forward. Maybe we could use my runs more and give the team an extra boost. I've got good pace and power. That is what people know me for."

He added: "We've got quality players up front like David Silva, who can create and Carlos Tevez. He can make something out of nothing."

Richards believes his game is improving because of the good players around him and is pleased Mancini has faith in him.

"I've had a lot of injuries - to my back, rib and head. But the manager has been playing me when I have been fit, so I am happy." he told

"It is tough out there but I believe I am as good as anyone. It is not being big headed it is just what I feel when I am working hard.

"The competition has been good for me. It has made me raise my game a little bit. It is all about playing well when the manager picks you."

Source: PA

Source: PA