Premier League Fans Decide Who Owns Manchester Following Man Citys 3-1 Win Over Man Utd

Premier League fans been voting for who they believe 'owns Manchester' following Sunday's derby match that saw Manchester City win 3-1 against their fierce local rivals United.

The game saw City - as expected - dominate their opponents with their trademark brand of attacking football, and United's only shot on target came from Anthony Martial's second half penalty. Following the game, fans voted in a poll for Virgin Media to determine which club now rules over the northern city.

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

Well, it was a close one, that's for sure! Out of the 1591 votes casted, 51% of voters opted for Pep Guardiola's side, while the remaining 49% still felt that the ​Red Devils are the biggest side in town. 

In a vote even closer (but undoubtedly better informed) than the Brexit referendum, the ​Citizens' dominant performance appears to have given them the extra edge needed to come out on top.

Of course, Man Utd have the richer history when it comes to success - having notched up a mighty twenty league titles during their 116 year history. But Man City fans would argue that the present is more important than the past, and under Guardiola they have well and truly turned the tables on United and asserted themselves as the strongest team in the ​Premier League.

City fans will be desperate to see their side replicate the run of title winning form that United enjoyed in the late 90s/mid 00s, and with the stunning array of talent at Guardiola's disposal, you'd be hard pushed to argue against it happening. 

However, United will be plotting their revenge, and could invest heavily next summer to re-establish themselves back at the top.

Source : 90min