Platt- City unlikely to appeal

Although it is not anticipated there will be any announcement until Wednesday, City are unlikely to appeal against the violent conduct charge the Football Association brought against Balotelli on Monday night.

However, Platt has acknowledged the futility of an appeal, whilst questioning how the charge was brought in the first place, and he said: "What we think as a football club has no relevance whatsoever."

That would mean the Italian immediately beginning a four-match suspension, ruling him out of Wednesday's Carling Cup semi-final second leg against Liverpool at Anfield. And as City do not have to respond until 6pm, it would seem logical to wait until the last possible moment.

Platt added: "You have to take everything into consideration if you want to go for an appeal because there is a sanction in place that dictates they can increase it if they consider it to be a frivolous appeal.

"I don't think anybody thought we would win an appeal with Vincent Kompany, even though the majority of people didn't feel he deserved a red card or a four-match ban. It shows the futility of an appeal sometimes and the negative is that we are likely to be without a player for four games."

Even Platt conceded that, in slow motion, Balotelli's challenge looked "poor".

Asked to attend a scheduled pre-match press conference in place of Roberto Mancini in order to ensure words from a non-native English speaker did not get twisted, the former England skipper outlined City's irritation with the process.

"It seems inconsistent," he said. "I have seen it from an angle where I can think the referee saw it live, like I did. Other people saw it live and didn't react. Nobody, not one of the Tottenham players or staff.

"It is when you slow it down that all the reactions come. I think he (Webb) did (see it) to be honest, that is my opinion, but you have to take him at face value that he has not."

Source: PA

Source: PA