Pep Guardiola press conference: Injury latest, Liverpool still a threat, contract talk, Erling Haala

Manchester City face Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday in a game that has come to be one of the newer competitive rivalries in English football given the level of success both have had in recent years.

Both Premier League meetings between the two teams last season ended in 2-2 draws, while Liverpool have prevailed in each of the two most recent fixtures in the FA Cup and Community Shield. The latter was as recently as 31 July when Darwin Nunez scored and Erling Haaland was slated for missing a glorious chance; how times have changed since.

Read on for all the key points addressed in Pep Guardiola’s pre-match press conference…

Team news

Will John Stones, Kalvin Phillips or Kyle Walker be available?

“All of them will be out. John I think will be back I don't know when maybe one week. Kalvin is getting better and better. Kyle is still out. I don't know [if they'll be ready for the World Cup].”

Are players tired?

“We have a lot of games like all the teams. Players are recovering better. Erling [Haaland] could not play all the games last season. Bernardo [Silva] was tired, but they feel good and are ready for Sunday.”


Are Liverpool still City’s biggest challengers?

"Always have been. Because I know the quality they have. If it was like this with 10 games left I would say I don't think they can catch, but now anything can happen.”

What is it like taking a team to Anfield?

“You have to behave at top, top level, especially off the ball, for second balls many, many things. At Anfield, winning or losing we always play with big personality.”

How does Anfield rank with other stadiums?

“It's one of the biggest ones, nicest ones, it's a joy to be there and be a part of the game. It's a football game [where] Liverpool's importance is the quality they have.”

Man City’s consistency

How do you see Man City’s consistency compared to Liverpool & Chelsea?

“This is our biggest achievement as a team. [But] everything can change. A few months ago, Liverpool were competing for a prestigious situation in English football, four titles, they had more shots, possession, everything in the final and they lost.

“This is [now] the same team, same manager, things can happen. It's part of the nature of the competition. I don't look at good moments or bad moments I analyse as a team always expecting the best of them. Nothing changes the opinion I have about them.”


Will you extend your Man City contract?

“As you know, I'm not thinking one second about that. Two or three weeks before the World Cup, [games are] the most important thing.”

Erling Haaland

Is Erling Haaland a revolutionary talent?

“I don't know. He is who he is as a football player with his movement and his pace and his potential. I don't know if it's revolutionary, he's one of the best so far there's no doubt about that.”

What will Erling Haaland do during the World Cup?

“I don’t know the plan…maybe 10 days, two weeks [to] go away on holiday with families, then two weeks to reignite our rhythm before we come back after the World Cup. I'm sure he’d prefer to be at the World Cup but unfortunately this time he can't go.”

Phil Foden

How important is Phil Foden to Man City?

“Phil is a threat. He is an important player for many things. It's a new game we have to start from zero. [50 goals] is a lot. [He’s] played a lot of games, important ones, and always he produces something special.”

Source : 90min