Pep Guardiola Insists Racism Is Everywhere Following Alleged Abuse of Raheem Sterling

​Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has insisted 'racism is everywhere' in the wake of alleged racial abuse received by Raheem Sterling during the defeat to Chelsea.

The forward suffered the abuse during the first half at Stamford Bridge, resulting in four fans receiving suspensions from attending future Chelsea games while the investigation concerning the allegations take place. 

Speaking ahead of his side's Champions League game against Hoffenheim, Guardiola has admitted that racism is an issue both in and out of football that needs to be addressed.

As quoted by ​BBC Sport, he said: "Racism is everywhere, it's not just in football. We have to fight to make a better future for everyone, not just in England but everywhere."

Following the alleged abuse, ​Sterling hit out at the media ​via his Instagram account, believing changes must be made regarding how they report news concerning black players as opposed to white players. 

It's a sentiment that the ​City boss shares, claiming the media have a 'responsibility' when reporting the news due to the 'real power' they have in today's world.

Asked if he thought ​Sterling received negative treatment from the press, he replied: "I don't know. When I arrived here I spoke with him because I know he was so active on social media.

"I told him to protect your private life and keep it outside that situation. Hopefully he has done that.

"You expect it [negativity] when he's played bad, but just for the colour of his skin? No. The real power in the world today is in the media, not politicians, so they have a responsibility."

Sterling, who has 11 goals for club and country this season, has had numerous run-ins with the media in the past, as ​Gary Neville recalling a meeting with the player during Euro 2016, with the former Manchester United defender described the 'attacks' as 'vicious'. 

Source : 90min