Kompany 'We Must Carry This Game With Us'

Last updated : 04 March 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

... they will never take success for granted.

Vincent Kompany: "This victory means a lot to the fans; it means a lot to us.

"There is nothing better than lifting a trophy. It is an incredible feeling.

"But one thing at a time. Bear in mind for our club it is a new trophy, a new experience. I want everybody to cherish it, first of all.

"It should give us the confidence and make us believe we can still win trophies, and we need to believe for the rest of the season.

"But these experiences don't happen too many times. We will cherish every single one.

"I think we should still carry that game with us.

"It was a learning experience for us - not just for now but for the future.

"Last year has been the fuel for our season so far. There are a lot of things you can do when beaten but the main thing for us was to improve and work harder. We are still doing so.

"This is a fantastic trophy for us. Now we will get back and work hard to make sure we can keep the momentum.

"Borini is a good finisher and he showed that with his first goal.

"I don't know if he beat the offside trap, but all of a sudden he was alone on goal.

"I just kept running. I thought I probably wouldn't get there but might have a chance.

"Ultimately it was very important. At 2-0 it would have been different.

"It was a tough game against a good team with great support.

"They were unbelievable. It was always going to take something special to beat them, and obviously we have got that in our team.

"You score special goals in a special venue and the celebrations are special. That is what winning teams do.

"Yaya is a big player and one of those guys you can always count on in the big games.

"He has shown how important he is to the team with goals like this and plays that he made.

"It gives us an edge in moments when it is not always easy."