Last updated : 01 May 2004 By Ben Collins
The players were unhappy with the amount of time they were being given and the City boss revealed that they wanted to come in and do more work as the club bid to avoid the drop.

"Quite a few things have happened since the Southampton defeat - a game that was something of a watershed in our season," he says in today's official progamme.

"We brought the players in at ten o'clock on the following Monday morning and had a heart-to-heart with them. After the 1-1 draw at Spurs the previous Monday, the players were given two days off which they felt was unnecessary.

"Players rarely hold their hands up and admit they have not played well, they look for other reasons and excuses. They felt two days off was too much.

"They didn't think that perhaps some of them needed extra time to get over bumps and bruises or because they were mentally tired."

Keegan adds: "I can promise you that we are in EVERY day now and will be until the end of the season."