Jadon Sanchos 50 Bundesliga Appearances Should Send a Message to Phil Foden

​In Borussia Dortmund's 4-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, Jadon Sancho made his 50th Bundesliga appearance since leaving Manchester City back in 2017.

When he made the move, many felt Sancho was little more than an overly ambitious teenager who simply lacked the patience to wait for his turn in the Premier League. Now, he is indisputably one of the world's most exciting young wingers. Not bad.

In those two years and 50 ​Bundesliga appearances, Sancho has racked up 15 goals and 26 assists, and he is now a core part of the England setup. That's an incredible level of success, but the same cannot be said for former ​City teammate Phil Foden.

In the same time period, Foden has featured in 19 ​Premier League games, but only three of those came as a starter. In fact, those three outings are the only ones which lasted longer than 25 minutes.

He has one goal, one assist and zero England caps. But hey, Pep Guardiola said Foden is the ​most talented player he's ever seen, so everything is fine, right? Wrong.

Phil Foden

The key difference between the two, who were widely believed to be at a similar level during their time in the ​City academy, is that Sancho is a global superstar and Foden is just a hot prospect. There's a huge contrast there.

At some point, Foden needs to start playing games. He has seen just ten minutes of action this season, and that doesn't look like changing any time soon. City's squad is just so stacked - something which Sancho realised at an early age.

Guardiola prefers to call on star midfielders like ​Kevin De Bruyne​David Silva and ​Bernardo Silva, and with good reason. The trio are outstanding footballers, and they help Guardiola win matches, which is what he is paid to do.


That's nobody's fault, but Foden needs to look at Sancho to see where he should be right now. Most English fans will tell you that Foden is not just hype, but he will never be able to live up to that excitement if he doesn't play games.

Yes, there's a lot to be said for learning under Guardiola at City's ludicrously perfect training complex. That's never going to work against any player, but is that enough for Foden? Should that be enough for him?

He needs to be very careful, because life will soon pass him by if he doesn't take the next step. Sancho is already leaps and bounds ahead of Foden, and there are plenty of English youngsters who have already eclipsed him.

Phil Foden

James Maddison and Mason Mount are both knocking on the door of the England team, whilst Foden remains with the Under-21s. What happens when he is no longer eligible for that? Does he just fade into mediocrity?

Foden has all the talent in the world, and it's time to show it. If that means leaving City, then so be it. He can always go back if he wants to, but he needs to prove himself at the top level if he is to have a chance at reaching Sancho's level of superstardom.

Source : 90min