Hughes unhappy with Mancini reaction

On his first return to Manchester City since he was sacked 14 months ago, Hughes' Fulham side came away with a 1-1 draw that almost certainly ended the Blues' Premier League title hopes. But the delight at a fully merited result turned to annoyance when Mancini appeared not to look at Hughes as the pair shook hands, leading the Welshman to withdraw in clear annoyance.

"I am old-fashioned," he said. "I always think you should offer your hand in whatever circumstances, no matter how difficult it is.

"I did it and did it with sincerity after my team had been beaten 4-1 at Craven Cottage earlier in this season. I acknowledged his team were better. Maybe I misread it but I don't feel Roberto really acknowledged the efforts of my team and what we had done by the manner he offered his hand, by not looking at me."

Mancini countered with the accusation Hughes had done exactly the same thing in November following one of City's best performances of the season.

"In London he did the same," said Mancini. "I know he said something but I couldn't understand what. For you (journalists) it is maybe the best thing in the match, for me, no. It is not important. He (Hughes) should be happy. His team got a draw against us."

Source: PA

Source: PA