Gabriel Jesus: The Brazilian Starlet Should Be Starting Ahead of Sergio Aguero

​Gabriel Jesus joined Manchester City back in 2017, and did so with a massive reputation.  Brazilian legend Pele said that Jesus was more talented than international teammate Neymar.

Jesus has not failed at the Etihad. At all. When he's played, he has been quite brilliant.

The key phrase though is, when he's played.


The Brazilian striker has scored 48 goals in 106 games for the club, despite sitting on the bench for the majority of his career, and many of these appearances being mere cameos. 

When he starts games, he tends to score more often than not.

So why isn't he starting more? 

It's a difficult question, but with a simple answer.

Sergio Aguero.

Gabriel Jesus

​Aguero is arguably the greatest player to ever play for the club, and he stands at the top of the Golden Boot charts this season with eight goals. 

As a result of his little game time, ​Jesus has recently come and expressed his frustration at not getting his chance, and he's '​over having to wait'.

But what should Pep Guardiola do? Well, that's simple too, he should play Jesus more regularly ahead of Aguero.

I'm sure there's a load of ​Manchester City fans banging their heads in frustration and shouting in disbelief reading this. But hear me out.

Firstly, Jesus is more well rounded than Aguero. The Brazilian works, and works, and works. You see him popping up in midfield making tackles, or even dropping deep to get the ball when things aren't going well.


Look at Roberto Firmino's impact for Liverpool. Firmino makes every player around him better, as he is willing to sacrifice himself for his teammates; maybe with Jesus in a similar role, players like Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne will also score more goals. 

Aguero is a well rounded striker, but he isn't as complete as the Brazilian. He's more of a goalscorer. His eyes are on the goal nine times out of ten, while Jesus offers so much more for the team, and don't count out his goal scoring ability. As mentioned, 48 in 106 for a back up striker is certainly impressive. 

And if the Brazilian is now looking at leaving the club for first team opportunities, then surely this makes Guardiola's decision even easier. 

The options for Pep are seemingly: risk upsetting a 31-year-old who probably has two more years at the highest level, or a 22-year-old who will be your number one striker for 10 more years, and perhaps reach a level higher than Aguero.

No brainer really. 

A decision has to be made soon. Even Guardiola knows that. He admitted the dilemma he has on his hands is causing him problems in a recent press conference.

As quoted by the Manchester City official website, he said: “They [Aguero and Jesus] have different qualities. Sergio is one of the most outstanding players I have seen in smaller spaces and I try to let both play as much as possible."

Jesus's words have given Guardiola a headache, but it is time for the Spaniard to slowly phase Aguero out of the team and bring Jesus in.

It may be tough for everyone involved, but for the sake of Manchester City football club, Gabriel Jesus should now be the first choice number nine for the foreseeable future. It's time for a changing of the guard.

Source : 90min