Dzeko makes peace with Mancini

Mancini vowed that no City player would behave in such a manner again whilst he remained in charge. Dzeko vented his frustrations as he was making his way to the dugout after being replaced by Nigel de Jong 10 minutes into the second half of City's 2-0 Champions League defeat to Bayern, then continued his angry rant as he took his seat.

"I know my reaction (to being taken off) was bad," he said. "I have spoken to the guys and to the coach as well. "I have apologised for the reaction and Roberto has accepted it and said that everything is okay and that we have to be positive for the next game."

Mancini's forgiveness clearly does not extend to Carlos Tevez, who has been suspended for two weeks pending an internal investigation into the manager's claims that he refused to play.

Tevez has been lying low, waiting for the club to advance their inquiry. It is anticipated everyone connected with the club who were in the vicinity of the bench on Tuesday will be asked for their observations.

There is also confidence that outcome will go beyond a simple your-word-against-mine spat between Tevez and Mancini, who has backed himself into a corner by claiming if he had his way, the controversial 27-year-old would never play for City again.

This is because far more people were around than just players, who may find it difficult to speak out against someone they share a dressing room with.

However, the club are taking such a stringent approach to their work that journalists attending the scheduled pre-match press conference looking ahead to Saturday's trip to Blackburn have already been warned that Mancini will not speak about Tevez.

Three points at Ewood Park will be on the agenda though, with Dzeko recalling it was the ground where he broke his Premier League duck at the 10th attempt in City's single-goal triumph back in March.

"I remember last year when I scored there and we won," he said. "We had great support from thousands of City fans and we hope to make then cheer again on Saturday."

Source: PA

Source: PA