City Won't Pay Over The Odds

Last updated : 01 January 2009 By Sam
City's newly required wealth has led to potential sellers increasing the value of their players but Hughes is adamant that the club will not pay inflated price's for any players during the transfer window, which opened today, (Thursday).

"We're aware of this assumption about the level of finance that we'll throw at the project in January, but we still have realistic market values," he told the club's official website.

"There is also an assumption that we will stimulate the market, that the money sloshing around will be from the deals that we have started, but we have to make sure we protect the club as well.

"We're hoping to go into the market and acquire players that we think will help us, but it is still dependent on whether clubs are willing to deal with us or not.

"The deals that we do will have to be good ones, but we are quite happy at the moment.

"We know that there will be a premium that we will probably have to pay because it's January, and teams don't want to lose their better players. But it will not be to the extent where we are paying hugely over the market value.

"There is a budget out there and we will work within that. The key thing is to make sure the quality we bring in supplements the quality we already have here.

"I feel that the addition of the right players will give us more consistency in the second half of the season."