City point finger at Joorabchian

Tevez's entire career has been guided by Joorabchian, the Iranian-born businessman who retained the South American's registration until he joined City in a jaw-dropping move from Manchester United last year.

"The club remains disappointed by this situation and particularly with the actions of Carlos' representative," said a club statement. "The written transfer request is in stark contrast to Carlos' stated position in both public and club contexts."

At no stage has the 26-year-old given any indication of being unhappy with Joorabchian, which means City are taking a calculated gamble in singling him out for criticism over the transfer demand Tevez has submitted, even though the striker is citing personal anguish at being apart from his two young daughters, who are back home in Argentina.

The statement continued: "Significantly, over recent months, the club has also received numerous requests from Carlos' representative to renegotiate and improve his playing contract as well as more recently a request to extend that contract by another year."

The words are at odds with the idea that Tevez is desperate to get away. Indeed, in an interview with the official club magazine, published on Wednesday, he addressed the issue of his daughters himself.

"I miss my family, just like anyone would when they are not around," he said. "But I am happy here in Manchester and I feel good in myself.

"As for the subject of retiring, I did mention it in an interview, saying it had crossed my mind. But it is something I don't see happening for a long time to come.

"It is not easy for me living abroad while my little girls are in Buenos Aires. But it is something you have to deal with.

"It is a sacrifice that has to be made when you have made a commitment like I have done with City. It is something I am going to see through. Once that job is done I will have plenty of time with my kids."

Source: PA

Source: PA