City Player Doesn't Want Headlines

Last updated : 27 January 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

David Platt: "The pleasing thing is we battled hard, defended well and kept another clean sheet.

"It is pleasing from that perspective and it is also pleasing to go through.

"We knew it was going to be difficult here. You know the ball is going to come in the box and you're going to have to compete for first balls, second balls all day.

"It is the way it is going to be and I thought we did it well.

"When you have got players of the ilk we have got - the Yayas, Silvas, Agueros, Tevezes - they all work hard and do what they have to do, but you need to sprinkle into that mix those players that often go under the radar.

"What is pleasing is that Zabaleta scores a goal in a cup match and he can get some headlines, but he won't be bothered about that.

"He isn't bothered about headlines. Those kind of players aren't.

"It's not what they play for. He is an eight out of 10 man every week. For professionals he is just a top man really.

"We get players into advanced areas. It is not by luck Zaba gets into those positions.

"The way we play we get a lot of players forward. Zaba has been in those positions many times and he tucked it away nicely."