City chairman leaves past behind

For four decades, the Blues became the epitome of failure. The combination of having to live in the giant shadow of Manchester United, coupled with a enduring capacity to capitulate at moments of greatest pressure, created an special aura around a club whose fans used to glory in their misery.

In roaring back to score twice in injury time to snatch a Premier League title so many felt was slipping away against QPR, chairman Khaldoon believes history has been rewritten. "Maybe some people imagined it was 'typical City'. We are not typical City. We have destroyed that thought," he told

"This is not a team that is going to lie down. Now we want to forget about 'typical City'.

"This club wants to win more than anything and will fight for that until the last kick of the game."

Khaldoon revealed the course of the season changed after a post-match chat with manager Roberto Mancini last month, immediately after City had suffered a 1-0 defeat that left them eight points adrift of Manchester United with only six matches of the campaign remaining.

"We had two choices," he said.

"We could either raise the white flag and sulk or pick ourselves up and fight until the last second of this championship.

"I remember going down to the dressing room thinking we were not giving up. Something inside me said there was more to it.

"I had a conversation with Roberto. We both looked at each other and decided to take the pressure off everyone. We felt if we could win all our games and have a bit of luck, we could still pull it off. What Roberto did magnificently was to take the pressure off the entire team."

Source: PA

Source: PA