Carlos Tevez has let himself and football down - Peter Reid

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Although a deal wasn't agreed, Bolton wouldn't let me near the club so I ended up at Wigan for a few weeks' training.

I missed games for Bolton at the start of the season and I still regret it, because playing football as a professional is precious.

Pointing the finger: Roberto Mancini has words with Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez is a top player but he has let down himself, his profession and the man in the street who makes football what it is.

I know from experience that Manchester City supporters are fanatical.

They followed the team to places they shouldn't have been playing in 12 years ago in Division Two, and then go away to Bayern Munich thinking: 'This is a peak as a City fan'. To see a player then refuse to play for the club is ridiculous.

Until recently I was manager at Plymouth. We had lads threatening to go on strike because they were not getting paid. But that was out of desperation. I watched as players worried where their next mortgage payment or rent was coming from.

Plenty to ponder: A troubled Mancini

What Tevez earns in a week would probably cover Plymouth's wages for a month and you can imagine what those players would give to play Bayern Munich.

Tevez says he has been misunderstood but the pictures tell a different story. How difficult is to interpret the statement 'You're going on', even if one speaks Spanish and the other Italian?

Roberto Mancini has obvious problems relating to certain players but the club needs to back him. It is Mancini's prerogative if he wants to pick a player or not. You can't have the tail wagging the dog.

Mancini is adamant he wants Tevez out. They can fine him but legally I think the club has to provide the facility for the player to train. They can't just send him away.

If City play it correctly, it could galvanise the team and the manager. But for Tevez it will be a long road back.

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Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail