Bernardo Silva Apologises in Letter to FA Regarding Benjamin Mendy Tweet as He Faces 6-Game Ban

​Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has written a letter to the Football Association to apologise for causing offence with a controversial tweet to teammate Benjamin Mendy.

Silva posted an image online suggesting Mendy looked similar to the mascot of Spanish chocolate brand Conguitos which, despite Mendy's admission that it was a joke, has been described as racial stereotyping by many, including Kick It Out.

Benjamin Mendy,Bernardo Silva

The FA have launched an investigation into the incident and gave ​Silva the opportunity to respond, and ​The Telegraph state that the ​City midfielder did so by writing an apology for causing offence.

It is said that Silva insisted that it was all simply a joke, but he apologised for doing something which could have offended people, regardless of whether it was a joke or not.

​Mendy also submitted his own statement of support for Silva, informing the FA that he knew it was meant in a lighthearted manner and not in a racist way at all.

Should the FA decide to punish Silva for ​this and an earlier video in which he said Mendy was naked whilst dressed in all-black clothing, it is expected that they will push for a ban, the length of which is currently unknown.

Incidents of racism are punished by a minimum ban of six matches, but whether the FA would push for anything more severe is currently unknown.

City manager Pep Guardiola has ​twice spoken publicly to defend Silva, claiming that he knows the two players well enough to clearly understand that it was meant as a joke.


The boss did add that Silva may be made to take a course at the club to try educate him of the issues he has caused, but that may be the least of his worries if the FA decide to recommend an extended ban.

Source : 90min