Time up for Thaksin

Last updated : 12 June 2007 By Ben Collins
Thaksin's and his assets have been frozen and City have seeked clarification on how this will affect his takeover bid.

I have already made my view clear that his dubious background makes him a totally unsuitable candidate to be running our football club and I believe his time is up.

The takeover has been dragging on, with various stories emering about his alleged corruption while Thai PM, but enough is enough.

Many have defended Thaksin and claimed some of the allegations made against him are either ambiguous or without foundation.

The graphic in the link below appeared on the front page of the Bangkok Post on Monday and outlines all the charges laid against Thaksin that are currently being investigated and have resulted in him having his assets frozen.


It is plain to see this guy is bad news and the sooner we see the back of him the better. Surely one can defend him no more.