Thaksin deal immoral

Last updated : 25 May 2007 By Ben Collins
The guy is a nasty piece of work and only has his own interests at heart, not those of Manchester City Football Club.

As I'm sure you are all well aware by now, Thaksin was deposed as Thailand's prime minister in a coup late last year and is now exiled in London.

I am currently in Thailand and all I have been seeing in the local press over the last week is the current Thai government hoping to bring Thaksin back to mount all manner of charges against him.

He has been accused of human-rights violations, and along with the US$2bn sale of his majority stake of telecommunication company Shin Corp, were the main reasons he was ousted as PM last September.

Last week Thaksin's wife was in court for an illegal property deal, which Thaksin sanctioned, and the local prosecution committee is confident that they can soon bring Thaksin back to face tax-evasion charges.

That will not happen as until Thailand stage another general election, the UK government regards the Thai set-up as an illegal government. Thaksin may not be charged and some of the accusations will be just that - but it is clear this guy is dodgy.

Added to that, he was recently elected president of Thailand's professional golf association, and last week he called a community radio station - the first time he had spoken to local media since being deposed.

He discussed Thailand's political situation at present and also said buying City would improve sport in Thailand, and Thailand as a whole - but no mention of benefitting City.

The Premier League is huge over here and it is clear Thaksin is only using City as the latest attempt to boost his political profile and endear himself to the Thai public once more.

I am amazed the City board cannot see this and I'm desperate for the deal to fall through or one of the other 'interested parties' to up their offer.

The City board were reluctant to talk to former City player Ray Ranson because they weren't confident he had the funds, so it seems they don't care where the money is coming from as long as they get it.

The prospect of suddenly having a 50m transfer kitty is very appealing but I'd rather do without it than have Thaksin running our club.

To hand an individual like Thaksin that responsibility would be immoral and I'm certain it will lead the club to ruin.