Pearce blew last chance to impress

Last updated : 08 May 2007 By Ben Collins
Regardless of whether there's a takeover this summer, Psycho's job will be under review, and Saturday was the last chance for Pearce to show what he can do as City boss.

It was our last home game and we lay on the verge of the worst goalscoring record at home - ever. We were playing our bitter rivals with a chance of denting their title hopes. We couldn't go down and we couldn't challenge for European qualification.

We had absolutely nothing to lose so you'd expect Pearce to be urging City to have a right go at United. He certainly gave that impression in his programme notes, saying: "We will be throwing everything at them, as we have endeavoured to do for every fixture this season."

Well, Stu, we've rarely done it all season and we certainly didn't do it on Saturday.

Pearce also talked about the pressure that was building on the players as each home game went by and they still couldn't score, so why not let them have a free rein. Let them go out and try to have some fun again.

Instead, Pearce sent his players out on a damage-limitation exercise. Losing 1-0 to the eventual champions is no disgrace, but what use is that to us, and what use is that to you, Pearce?

I think I speak for a lot of City fans when I say I'd rather we had a go at them and lost heavily than settle for a narrow defeat without the opposition even breaking a sweat.

Saturday was a golden opportunity for Pearce to recapture the passion and fevour of his first few months in charge. He failed miserably, and as a result, should not be surprised if he's looking for a new job this summer.