Comment: What are they waiting for?

Last updated : 12 May 2005 By Ben Collins
It may not have been from Wardle himself but it was from someone almost as significant at City, chief executive Alistair Mackintosh.

It was short, and although saying it was sweet would be a bit too much, it was certainly encouraging.

Just to remind you, I argued the case of Co Adriaanse becoming City boss. The Dutch coach has led AZ Alkmaar to a hugely successful season and is leaving them in the summer, and I wanted to make sure the City board were aware of him.

Yet I needn’t have worried - Mackintosh reassured me that City are well aware of his achievements.

I also acknowledged the sterling job that Stuart Pearce had done in the meantime, and suggested him becoming Adriaanse’s right-hand man for a year or two and then taking over himself, although Mackintosh pointed out that Pearce has said publicly that he only wants to be manager, no matter which club he’s with.

All in all, he didn't give much away, but reading between the lines, it seems the men who matter are quietly content with the temporary boss.

You showed your view in our recent poll and the players have made it clear they too want Pearce in, so what are they waiting for?

An announcement is expected today, I’m sure it’ll be the one we all want to hear.

ps) My thanks to Alistair was a pleasant surprise to find out he can make time for the fans. I can’t imagine his United counterpart David Gill doing the same.