Comment: UEFA - do the right thing!

Last updated : 26 May 2005 By Ben Collins
We all knew that Liverpool could keep alive our hope of European football next season by winning last night and what a way to do it. Now it’s time for UEFA to do the right thing and give them a place in next season’s Champions League.

That, of course, would give us their UEFA Cup spot, but I’ll come to that later. Firstly, well done to Liverpool.

After making a comeback like that and beating Juventus and Chelsea in the previous rounds, you’ve got to say they deserved it and you can’t possibly claim they fluked all three.

When it was 2-0 to Milan, I was telling my Liverpool mates not to worry. Wembley 99 shows you can never give up hope!

However, at 3-0 even I thought the game was gone, but fair play to them, they got stuck into Milan in the second half and managed to salvage it.

After getting back to 3-3 I knew they’d win on penalties, just like I knew we would after we got those two late goals at Wembley. It was meant to be.

Then in the aftermath not only did I realise that we’d beaten both the English and European champions this season, but I also remembered that Liverpool could have re-opened the door for us.

Credit to the FA, they were decisive and I think they did they right thing by letting Everton go into the Champions League, they deserved it after staying up there all season.

As for UEFA, they should pull their fingers out. Make a decision and do the right thing! (Funnily enough they’re going to be making their final decision at a meeting in Manchester on June 17).

With fourth-placed teams in the ‘Champions’ League it has long since been a bit of a farce, but if they now say that the Champions League champions can't be in the Champions League then it would make a complete mockery of their top competition.

I’m not arguing that for our sake either, because I’m sure a UEFA Cup campaign will do us good. You all remember what happened two years ago: we didn’t have the squad to cope with Europe, our league form suffered and we almost got relegated.

I’d prefer gradual development and winning a European place on merit next season, but that said, you can’t really say no to a UEFA Cup spot can you.

I guess we’re in a no-lose situation so we should just sit back and wait for the UEFA big-wigs to get on with it.