Comment: Only ay City!

Last updated : 19 May 2005 By Ben Collins

No matter how positive I tried to be, I still thought that even if we did enough ourselves, Spurs would gazump us.

As it turned out we couldn’t quite get the win ourselves.

After getting the equaliser so early in the second half I thought we’d be alright, but then the half just seemed to peter out.

Yet we couldn’t just let the game peter out completely, they had to put us through all that first and we still had the same outcome. Only at City!

It felt like we’d been relegated afterwards but soon enough I remembered that we hadn’t. It could have been a lot worse, we could have just got beat 6-0 by Fulham to go down!

As soon as I realised that, I could look back at it all with a smile. Well, you’ve got to haven’t you.

I was even more pleased to be a City fan when I saw Match of the Day later.

The picture of Pearce when Fowler missed his penalty was great. He wasn’t 'effing and jeffing', he just had a smile and a chuckle. It seems he already understands the City way.

Keep it coming, Stu. As long as we’re comfortably clear of danger, upset a few of the big boys and have a bit of fun on the way, I for one will be happy. Oh, and the odd derby win wouldn’t go amiss.

Besides, we’d only embarrass ourselves in the Wafer Cup again and it’ll affect our league form. We’re not ready yet. Boro can have it.