Comment: Oh dear Jamo

Last updated : 18 August 2005 By Ben Collins
I'm talking of course about David James' post-match comments on the BBC following his dismal performance for England last night.

Now I admire his honesty - if you saw BBC's Football Diaries then you'll know he's never been shy of saying it like it is - but this time he went too far.

If you didn't see it I'm sure you've gathered what he said elsewhere - he admitted he didn't prepare properly, saying he didn't expect to come on.

Now if this was a qualifier or a league game, you may be able to accept it, but it was a well known fact before the game that Tottenham had asked Paul Robinson to be taken off at half-time.

How the hell didn't Jamo know? Perhaps because he's not the brightest.

His admission is virtually unheard of from modern-day footballers and made a refreshing change to the trail of cliches that the likes of Beckham and Owen churn out.

However, clearly he should have been expecting to come on and, even if he wasn't, it wasn't very wise to be so open about it.

The fact he was has probably ended his international career, which in my book is no great shame. I'm probably tempting fate here but I can't remember him making too many mistakes for City. I'd even go as far as saying he's been superb for us.

If he is given a reprieve by Sven, then as long as he saves his blunders for England, then I'll be happy.

Let's be honest though, only the first goal was his fault - he came out too early and didn't deal with it. The second would have been cleared had Ashley Cole had a right foot and the third would have been cleared if Gerrard and Carragher marked up. As for the fourth, the striker didn't know where the ball was going so you can't expect Jamo to have known.

Still, Jamo seems to be taking all the flak, just like after his blooper against Austria. The press loved that one and Sven gave him the chop immediately, which hardly improves a player confidence. They don't deserve you Jamo!!