Comment: Co's the man, but keep Psycho on

Last updated : 13 April 2005 By Ben Collins
I wasn’t convinced that he offered the tactical knowledge that Keegan lacked before him, or whether he was that committed to the club. However, in just 3 games he’s already done enough to persuade me he’s worth a fair go.

During matches, at least from what I can see, his managerial input is more than just screaming ‘come on!’ from the touchline - he’s regularly directing the players and giving instructions.

As we all expected, he’s still passionate about the game, but it seems to be directed in the right way. It’s not a case of him wanting to be a manager because he wishes he was still playing - he actually wants to coach and has prepared accordingly.

He has shown in post-match interviews that he has the analytical nous required to get to the bottom of a poor performance, and in an interview in The Times on Monday, Pearce made it clear he knows that, at the top level, you need to pay attention to detail as the difference between success and failure is a small margin.

In the same interview he said that if he wasn’t offered the City job permanently, he would be back somewhere else, but it is only because he has belief in his own ability and is determined to prove himself as a manager.

That said, I still wouldn’t appoint him as permanent boss in the summer. My choice would be Co Adriaanse, coach of AZ Alkmaar in Holland.

If you’re not aware, he has turned AZ from a regular mid-table finisher into a title challenger this season, and although they look set to miss out to PSV Eindhoven, they are destined for the Champions League. In that case, you could say he is a bit like Sam Allardyce or David Moyes.

But unlike the Bolton and Everton bosses, Adriaanse has achieved it playing attractive football. The Dutchman is an advocate of total football, indeed he was Ajax boss a few years back, although he enjoyed limited success. He has also led AZ, a provincial side, to the verge of the UEFA Cup semi-finals.

What’s more, he’s leaving at the end of the season because he’s ‘taken the club as far as he can’ and he even said that he wants to have a go abroad.

I say, get him in...and quick! Some reports claim that he has already agreed to join Porto, although this is yet to be confirmed.

We’ve taken one big step forward recently by moving to a new ground, and getting a progressive foreign coach in is the next one.

I know it sounds a bit greedy but I wouldn’t mind keeping Pearce as well though. Therefore I reckon we should get Adriaanse in on a two/three-year deal with Pearce back as head coach, and once Co’s deal is done we can hand the reins over to Psycho for good.

I feel strongly about this. So much so that I might drop John Wardle a line. I’ll keep you posted!