Comment: COMS begins to feel like home

Last updated : 24 May 2005 By Ben Collins
Stuart Pearce has definitely had a positive effect throughout the club but I think it's more than that - the place is finally beginning to feel like home!

Even if we didn't get the result we wanted against Middlesbrough, it was the best day I've experienced there and I knew it would be from the start.

The weather was great and we decided to stroll to the ground along the canal, taking a detour at the Mitchell Arms to go around the athletics stadium and coming out at the City Store. A highly recommended approach!

The new Joe Mercer tribute is just behind the City Store, and if you haven't already seen it, it's worth a look. It's a mosaic with a few well-chosen words about the great man - a nice touch and one worthy to remember his contribution to City and the game in general.

On a different note, we popped into the City Store to check out the new away strip (interesting!), and also noticed that the black and red away strip was on sale with Thomas Cook on. Only 150 have been produced so if you snapped one up you may have a collectors' item there!

I'm sure you've noticed that the advertising for the new strip has been pretty intense, while just a couple of A4 sheets had been put up to announce the limited edition top. Something to get cash in and something for collectors (a nice balance) and it seemed to me that the club had got its' advertising and merchandising strategies in order.

Into the ground, and enjoyed a pie and a pint on one of the ramps on the Colin Bell, looking over the city centre and watching the blue hordes descend. Then Popped for a pee, and finally there looks to be enough blue and white around the concourses.

The atmosphere before and during the game was great, and Boro's silent support only reinforced just how good our support is.

It's still not perfect - I agree, the away end could do with being shifted - but we're getting there.

A few home wins have done wonders for the place... with a good pre-season behind us, let's hope there's a few more in August and September.