Coco a no go

Last updated : 23 January 2007 By Ben Collins
That was the case of Inter Milan's Francesco Coco, but what was the real story? A daft foreigner reluctant to adapt or City getting their facts woefully wrong? (Well, it wouldn't be the first time, would it?)

"I left Manchester on good terms with the coach (Stuart Pearce)," the 30-year-old said on his return to Italy.

"It didn't work out because the coach wanted to use me in a different position to what I am used to, full-back.

"After two days we realised that there was no point in wasting time as they already have two players in my position."

Now, I've checked with others on this one, and as far as we all know. he's always been a left-back. He may have played as a left-sided wing-back, but he's certainly spent most of his career at left-back. If he does now claim to be a left wing-back, you're not telling me he can't play left-back.

So what position was he talking about? Up front? Centre midfield? In nets? Because they're just about the only positions we've got two players in.

Maybe the reason Coco left City so soon was because, as initial reports said, he didn't have the right attitude, or he just wasn't good enough.

No offence, Francesco, but I know which one I'd go for.