Why a move to Manchester City would propel Rose into the worlds spotlight

Last updated : 07 May 2015 By DSG

HeÂ’s from Yorkshire, so naturally heÂ’s tough, and he scored one of the best debut goals of all time

HeÂ’s better than Aleksandar Kolarov, who can provide a final ball but is hardly effective defensively

HeÂ’s faster than Gael Clichy and offers more in attack

But, more importantly heÂ’s English and heÂ’s only 24 years old

So, it would seem only natural that he is on Manchester CityÂ’s radar this summer

Ever since his debut goal for Tottenham against arch rivals Arsenal it seems that Danny Rose has been in the back of fansÂ’ minds for years

But, now that Manchester City are interested two things are for certain

One, in the shadow of St

TotterinhamÂ’s day, White Hart Lane could be set for even more White Hart Pain in the near future and two the back of peopleÂ’s minds is the last place that Danny Rose could end up if a proposed 15 million pound move goes through.

A move to City would propel Rose into the WorldÂ’s spotlight

Surely an England call up would also be in the cards

The 24 year old has certain talent and there can be no denying that

Having started 25 times in the League this season he has offered more to his Spurs side than Kolarov and Clichy have at City during their entire spells

However, this is not to say that success at City is a sure bet

There have been young Englishmen before him and there will be young Englishmen after him that will fail

Whether this is or will be due to the pressures of playing for a side that is on such a big stage, famished for success, will remain to be seen

Danny Rose can be a part of a certain new regime at City though if he remains committed to improvement rather than content with the money his progression is sure to bring.

Source : DSG

Source: DSG