Manchester City Chiefs Set to Meet Fellow Premier League Executives to Discuss FFP Allegations

​The Premier League will decide whether to investigate Manchester City for breaking financial fair play rules when the competition's executives meet on Thursday.

Allegations recently emerged which suggested that the Premier League champions have circumvented Uefa's financial fair play (FFP) rules. German investigative newspaper Der Spiegel claimed to have found that City had set up an illegal shell company to pay players for their image rights which saved them £26.1m in marketing costs, among other discrepancies. 

Al Ain v Manchester City

Now, as reported by ​The Times, City will have to face a hostile reception when they attend Thursday's meeting of Premier League executives.

With rival clubs growing increasingly concerned about ​City's alleged activities, Thursday will provide a platform for both the league and those clubs to grill City's chiefs over the matter and decide whether further investigation needs to take place.


This is not the first time City have been involved in controversy when it comes to FFP. They were initially handed a £49m fine for FFP breaches back in 2014 but were given back £33.4m of that three years later after meeting the requirements of the sanctions initially imposed on them. 

Pep Guardiola has already insisted that he is none the wiser when it comes to the allegations, stating, as per ​The Guardian“We want to follow the rules, but I’m a manager, I don’t know what happened.

Manchester City v Huddersfield Town - Premier League

“All I know is that we are not the only club to spend a lot of money, if you want to achieve another level that is what you have to do."

Source : 90min