Kevin de Bruyne Earns Oscars 2020 Recognition as Parasite's Bong Joon-Ho Name Drops Man City Star

What do directors Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese, South Korean figure-skater Yuna Kim, Led Zeppelin guitar icon Jimmy Page, and, eh, Manchester City's Kevin de Bruyne all have in common? 

For those of you who didn't bother with Sunday night's Oscars ceremony (90min's Alternative Academy Awards were better anyway), you're about to find out. 

But first, a bit of context, before we dive straight into the genre-bending madness that is the subject matter of this article; Bong Joon-ho's black comedy Parasite absolutely cleaned house at this year's ceremony. It won Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best International Feature Film, and then made history as it became the first non-English language film to ever win Best Picture. 

In so doing, it catapulted the director right into the limelight, prompting film fans all over the world to go pouring over whatever content they could find from the 50-year-old in search of inspiration. 

That includes Reddit AMAs from three months ago, apparently, in which the award-winning director was asked to name five people, dead or alive, he would invite to his 'last supper.'

"Alfred Hitchcock, Yuna Kim, ​Kevin de Br​uyne, Martin Scorsese, and Jimmy Page, who was my hero in high school," ​he said. "We are eating Spanish cuisine. Lots of paella."

Hitchcock and Scorsese? Sure, masters of the trade in which he is now making his name. Kim is an icon in South Korea, and who doesn't love a bit of Zeppelin? 

But De Bruyne? Erm...

Unfortunately he doesn't explain his choice, despite an avalanche of fans pleading with him to do so, and expressing concerns that the Belgian wouldn't get a word in among the more eccentric characters at the table. 

"As a Liverpool fan I need to know whether to boycott Parasite or not," one troubled soul even commented, while another put a twist on the classic "Cheers Sons crying" with a nod to Son Heung-min - suggesting he is supposed to be Bong's favourite just because he also is from South Korea.

Son Heung-min,Kevin De Bruyne

Football fans, eh? Never change. 

Well, sometimes change. 

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Source : 90min