City Fan Banned For Smoking! (Sort Of)

Last updated : 23 March 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

The unidentified supporter was hauled into a side room by City staff after being snapped on CCTV puffing on the cigarette during the clash with Chelsea at the Etihad last month.

City stewards thought the fag was real and promptly cancelled his season ticket – something that is now being appealed with a letter to the club.

‘I was on the concourse at half-time having a drink with a few mates,’ he explained in the note.

‘I took a drag of it and was asked by security to come into a room. I just thought I was going to be asked to explain what it was.

‘I was told they were banned and asked for my season card which I handed over. I was then escorted out of the ground by police.’

Electronic cigarettes are widely used by smokers who are trying to give up by giving a hit of nicotine whilst not releasing any of poisonous toxins that normal cigarettes contain.

They are not lit by the user, and therefore are exempt from government rules restricting the smoking of lit tobacco in a public place.

City say they are looking into the issue.