Comment: Is it just me who's not happy with SWP?

Last updated : 18 July 2005 By Ben Collins
...the England winger has signed a five-year contract after City accepted a £21m fee for the 23-year-old.

What do you think?

I've not been able to put anything up as I've been away for the weekend but it's allowed me time to gather my thoughts....and I'm not happy.

Not with the club - they stuck by his wishes & wouldn't sell even when they were offered £20m. It's Shaun I'm not happy with.

At the end of the season he said he wanted to see out his contract (in hindsight, his interview on the season review DVD make interesting viewing), but now he wants to go.

Why? What exactly has changed since then? Yes, City aren't in Europe and we're certainly not going to challenge for the title but he knew that before. Chelsea are the champions, have bags of money and will be going for Champions League success, but we've known that for some time too.

Judging by his previous character, I don't imagine he would have decided to ditch us as he suddenly decided he'd had enough at City and wanted more money, but until I hear otherwise I can't be certain.

I suspect that his agent, or even his dad (is he his agent anyway?), has been mithering him to move, saying that this is a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' that might not be available next summer, or something like that.

Either way, Wright-Phillips is a grown adult and should still be able to decide for himself.

Had he said at the end of the season he wanted to join a bigger club and he wanted to win trophies then fine, I would have accepted that. I'd have wished him all the best, even when playing against us.

But now I feel he's gone back on his word. I feel he's stabbed us in the back and I'm finding it really difficult to be happy for him. Am I alone?