Anyone upset by Fowler exit?

Last updated : 28 January 2006 By Ben Collins
It was pretty obvious that Robbie didn't really want to be at City, his heart has always been at Anfield. But as long as he kept grabbing the odd goal for us I could handle that.

That derby goal was priceless. But if that message on our board is true (abt him saying he had to get out because it was mass hysteria, like we'd won the World Cup) then I'm glad he's gone - it's obvious he just doesn't understand why beating the enemy (self-called greatest club in the world TM) is so sweet.

But why have we let him go on a free?

Never mind about saved wages, we've only got two senior strikers now. Whatever happened to the Kevin Keegan days when we had abt 10 waiting for a go.

If Liverpool wanted him so much, surely we were in the position of power. He still had a contract with us until the end of the season. Sure, we will save on his wages, but another £500k wouldn't have gone amiss. I mean, it's not like Liverpool wouldn't have been able to avoid it.

Still, Bradley might get more of a chance, maybe even Ishmael Miller - I'd like to see what he can do.

Let's not hope they do too well though or we might let them go in the summer too!!